The Business of Software blog posted Part II of their microISV survey. (Part I van be found here.) I have to admit that I was surprised by some of the low revenue numbers. But I’m one of those obstinate people who refuses to believe something when it doesn’t fit his world view. At least for a while, anyway.

Successful people are often too busy to spend time on forums, so they wouldn’t even be aware of the survey. Others just wouldn’t be interested. Business is war – why share data? My neighbor runs a successful microISV, and he doesn’t hang out in any online communities. He’s too busy. Scale that to the globe and you’ll have a good idea why I think the results of the survey may be skewed to the low end.

Still, I’m a data junkie and there are several data points I’d be interested in seeing. Are the microISV’s with two or more people more successful than one person shops? How do revenues correlate between B2C versus B2B apps? Of the successful companies, what’s the breakdown between those selling a small number of flagship products or a handful of smaller products? I have a gut feel for each of these, but I’d love to see the numbers.

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