Wouldn't it be great if there were a way you could create flow charts that was as effortless as typing? A flow chart tool that picks the flowchart symbol for you based on the words you type? A flow chart tool that adds connectors between the flowchart symbols for you? A flow chart tool that integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office, so anyone can edit and maintain flowcharts?

There is. It's called FlowBreeze. It won't cost you a bundle of cash and only takes minutes to learn.

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FlowBreeze Feature Highlights


The key to interactive flowcharting with FlowBreeze is the ability to convert text into flowchart shapes as you type. It also selects the symbol type, applies formatting, routes connectors, and many other time saving features.

Flowchart Templates    

FlowBreeze features an easy to use template designer that allows you create re-usable templates. You can create vertical swim lane, horizontal swim lane, SIPOC diagram, or simple title block templates.

Flowchart Wizard    

The Flowchart Wizard takes a lot of the pain out of making flowcharts. You enter the process steps into a worksheet cells, and the wizard does most of the neavy lifting. It converts the text into a flowchart, with shapes align, connectors routed, and styles applied. Watch the demo to see it in action.

Value Stream Mapping    

In addition to flowcharts, FlowBreeze makes it easy to create Value Stream Maps in Excel with two time-saving tools. FlowBreeze features a value stream mapping template designer to generate reusable Excel VSM templates, and FlowBreeze has an easy to use VSM symbol panel to add VSM shapes at the click of a button.