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Visual Audit (Auditor)

The Visual Audit tool will review the worksheet and color code the cells using built-in Excel styles based on the type of content in them. The color coding is a useful auditing tool to review the content landscape of your worksheet. For example, a color code indicating a plain number next to other cells containing formulas might indicate a error in the worksheet.


Content Types

Input: Cells that are Unlocked and have dependents (are used in the formulas of other cells).
Locked Input: Cells with formula dependencies that are locked.
Formulas: Normal formulas.
Unlocked Formulas: Cells with formulas that have the protection set to unlocked.
Linked Formulas: Formulas that reference other worksheets or workbooks.
Cells with errors: Cells, typically with formulas, that have been flagged by Excel as having an error.



Add comment to cells with any cell error: Adds a comment to the cell with a description of the error. If checked, the Visual Audit tool checks for all cell errors, even the ones that you don't have enabled through Excel Options > Formulas > Error checking rules.
Restore original worksheet: restores the worksheet to its original formatting and removes the cell  error comments. If this option is left unchecked, you can use the Restore Format tool revert the cell formats back to their previous state and use the Delete All Comments tool to remove the cell error comments.
Save workbook: See Close and Re-Open Workbook for details.


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