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FlowBreeze - Flowchart Add-in For Microsoft Excel

FlowBreeze flowchart software is a Microsoft® Excel® add-in that automates the process of making flowcharts by generating flowchart shapes from your text. FlowBreeze lets you create flowcharts by just typing. You simply type in each flowchart step, and press Enter. The text is replaced by a flow chart symbol. Formatting is applied, symbols are aligned, and a connector arrow is added automatically.

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FlowBreeze is the perfect tool for creating flowcharts because it makes flowcharting easy. You will benefit from many handy features that save you time and make flowcharting painless:

Make Flowcharting a Painless Process

Be Creative


Empower Your Team

Combine Data & Diagrams

Save Money

Edit Flowcharts Easily

Automate Many Flowcharting Steps

Enforce Good Flowcharting Style Effortlessly

Customize Your Drawing Canvas

Friendly Flowcharting Environment

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Thanks for making the only useful flowcharting software I've ever encountered. Every time I break the tool out, I get the warm fuzzies associated with being productive.

- Mike Helmecki
Market Tools

My co-worker and I are thrilled with your software. We've had a project that has involved drawing a lot of flow charts and I just can't imagine having done all of this in Visio - it would have taken forever.

- Michelle Benson

I love the software and there is nothing like it on the web. Thanks so much for creating a great piece of software.

- Kip Niswonger
Best of Tampa

Once again I have say yippee for FlowBreeze... its trick of turning text into flowcharts is little short of magnificent!

- Steve Homer
Freelance Journalist

If you have Excel, get FlowBreeze. Works simply and easily - just as advertised. You'd be amazed how much clearer things are when you flow chart them.

John Seiffer
Business Coach

Most of the work I have used it for doesn't call for the hyper complexity of many of your competitors, it just needs the clarity of visualization in a flow chart. The free trial completely convinced me.

Paul Hensley
CEO, Microlab Diagnostics