FlowBreeze Flowchart Software - Demo Video

Video Highlights - This video shows the three main tools in FlowBreeze used for making flowcharts:

  • Interactive Flowcharting: The interactive flowcharting portion of the demo explains how shapes are created when you type text on the worksheet.
  • Add Shapes and Add Connectors: The demo shows how to edit a flowchart after it's been created - a common use of the task panes. A new shape is inserted between two existing shapes with the Add Shapes task pane, and the lines are edited using the Add Connectors task pane. (Updates have been made to the task panes since the creation of this demo, but their basic functionality remains the same.)
  • Flowchart Wizard: The Flowchart Wizard is used to create a left-to-right flowchart from an existing list of process steps. The list of steps is transposed into left to right rows. Then, the text is imported into the wizard, and the flowchart is generated.
Note: FlowBreeze supports Excel 2010 - 2019. We no longer support Excel 2003 - 2007, as referenced in the video.