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FlowBreeze 3 Release Notice

BreezeTree is happy to announce the release of FlowBreeze 3.0 – flowchart add-in for Microsoft Excel. A full list of the changes is as follows.

New Features

  • Added support for 64-bit versions of Excel.
  • Added Connectors task pane to simplifyy connector additions.
  • Added Shapes task pane to create shapes by clicking or typing.
  • Added Split Connector tool to split a connector arrow between two shapes into two labeled connector nodes.
  • Added import / export for settings backup and standardizing settings between different computers / users.
  • Added symbol list editor to allow user to specify the actively used set of symbols.
  • Simplified layout and filtering of Shape Selection Tool.
  • Added Export to Web Page (HTML) tool.
  • Added bulk shape dimension editing.
  • Added sorting options for shape selection fields.
  • Added special printing option for flowchart images.
  • Added Straighten Connectors tools to fix jagged lines in Excel 2007 / 2010.
  • Added user-defined spacing between shapes.
  • Improved internal margin settings for non-rectangular shapes (i.e.

Template Generator Improvements

  • Added logo insertion.
  • Added preset header and footer layouts.
  • Added preset swim lane titles.
  • Added SIPOC layout.

Flowchart Wizard

  • Added simple text versus advanced parsing syntax autodetection.
  • Simplified the advanced parsing syntax.
  • Improved the connector routing algorithm.
  • Added ability to overwrite existing worksheet.
  • Input range selection.


  • The Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework is now a prerequisite for running FlowBreeze.