Change a Symbol Type

Flowchart Editor

The automated way to change a symbol type in FlowBreeze is to use the Flowchart Editor.  Excel has a built-in Change Autoshape tool, however, using this tool will cause all the connector lines to become disconnected from the shape, and you will need to reconnect them by dragging the end points to the symbol's sides. The Flowchart Editor corrects this problem.

Manual editing

To manually change the shape type, follow the steps below.

  • Click the symbol's border to select it.
  • Excel should automatically display and select a Format tab.
  • Click "Edit Shape".
  • Click Change Autoshape from the drop down, and select the new symbol type from the gallery.
  • Any connectors routed to the symbol will now be disconnected. Click the connector line and drag the end point to the side of the symbol to reconnect it.