Editing Tips

Here are some tips to make editing as fast as possible for you:

1. Turn on Snap to Grid. Click Snap to Grid on the FlowBreeze ribbon.

2. You can move one or more shapes by selecting them and using the keyboard arrow keys. You can only move the shapes in the viewable area, so you may need to scroll as you move them.

3. You can use the Tab key to move the selection from shape to shape.

4. You can select multiple shapes several ways:

  • Holding the Shift key down while clicking on them.
  • Using Select Objects (white arrow) from the FlowBreeze toolbar. Left-click and drag around shapes to select them.
  • Using Shape Selection Tool from the FlowBreeze toolbar.

5. Moving a shape will cause the connectors to reroute automatically.

  • If the connector doesn't reroute, then it wasn't connected. To connect it, click the line's end point and drag it to the shape.
  • If the routing isn't optimal, right-click on the connector and select "Reroute Connectors" from the context menu.

6. Deleting empty cells (or entire rows) between shapes will condense the drawing by shifting all the shapes below the row(s) upward. The same applies to deleting columns. Inserting rows and or columns will expand the drawing. See the in depth sections Deleting Symbols and Inserting Symbols for more details.

7. You can copy an existing shape by holding the Ctrl key down then left-clicking and dragging it. Note: The Ctrl key needs to be pressed before the mouse is over the shape.

8. You can copy and paste the format of one shape to another by clicking the first shape, then clicking the cbb-format-painter Format Painter button in the toolbar, then clicking the second shape.