Flow Line Prompt Window

When you're working with FlowBreeze in interactive flowcharting mode, connectors (flow lines / arrows) are added from the last shape to the new shape automatically. However, there are some cases where FlowBreeze will not automatically add a flow line:

  • The new shape is not in the same row or column as the last shape.
  • There is a 3rd shape in between the last shape and the new shape.
  • You delete the last shape created.
  • Flowcharting was stopped and then re-started.

Whenever any of these cases occur, FlowBreeze will prompt you to add a flow line, as shown in the image below. The list contains the all the flowcharting shapes contained on the worksheet, along with an icon showing the symbol type, the worksheet location of the symbol, and the text (if any) that it contains.. The items are sorted by the distance from each symbol to the newly added symbol.

How to Use

1. Select the text of the shape to connect from.

2. Optionally, click the "Line Properties" toggle button and customize the line style and connection settings.

3. Click OK to add the connector or Cancel if you don't wish to add one.