Symbol Styles

FlowBreeze lets you assign styles by individual symbol type. The styles are based off the built-in styles in Excel 2007 and later, and most of them can be emulated attractively if the file is opened in older versions of Excel.



  • Selected style: this image shows the currently selected style. To select a new style, click on it with your mouse.
  • Apply To: When it loads, the style for the currently selected symbol will be highlighted. When you change a style, you have three options:
  • Apply to current symbol: Applies the style only to the symbol that is selected in the calling form.
  • Apply to all symbols: Replaces the style for all the symbols in the calling form.
  • Apply to symbols that use the previous style: Applies the style to all the symbols that have the same style as the one currently selected in the Symbol List grid of the main Settings window. For example, if the currently selected symbol has a white fill color and you change it to orange, this setting would replace the style for all the symbols having a white fill. But any symbol with, say, blue or red fill would not be affected.

Note: The "Apply to" options may not be visible. This window is launched from several other forms in FlowBreeze, and the "Apply to" options may not be applicable.