Load Template

Where are the templates?

When FlowBreeze first runs, it will create a My Flowcharts folder in your Documents folder and place any templates you've created in a Templates sub-folder.

Loading templates

Templates can be loaded two ways:

  • Via the toolbar: Click Templates > Load Template button to launch the Select Template File dialog below.
  • Via the Start Flowcharting window: Under the Drawing Area section, choose the Load a template option.


After clicking Open, the template will be loaded into a new worksheet.


Naming convention for pre-made templates

Pre-made templates can be downloaded from the breezetree.com web site. (although, we recommend creating your own flowchart templates). The pre-made templates pack a lot of information into the names. The syntax is:

page size - orientation - number of lanes - lane direction - "lane flowchart"

  • Paper size: The Template Generator supports 8.5x11, 11x17, A3, and A4. You can manually create other paper sizes.
  • Orientation: P = portrait and L = landscape.
  • Number of lanes: Number of swim lanes.
  • Lane direction: V = vertical (top to bottom) and H = horizontal (left to right).

Example: 8.5x11-P-2-H-Lane-Flowchart would be read 8-1/2 x 11 Portrait 2 Horizontal Swim Lane Flowchart.