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Prefix / Suffix

The Add Prefix / Suffix tool allows you to add text before or after the existing text in each cell of the selected range.

Form Fields

  • Range: Select the range for this operation.
  • Prefix and Suffix Options
  • Text: Plain text to add before or after each cell's content.
  • Alpha series: Adds an upper or lower case alphabetic series before or after the text. Every 26 characters, the series increments in the same way the Excel columns do (e.g., AA, AB, AC).
  • Numeric series: Adds a numeric series (1, 2, 3, ...) before or after the text, with the option of setting a fixed width (001, 002, 003, ...).
  • Spacer: Optional character(s( to place between the prefix or suffix and the text.
  • Skip Options: The options allow you to skip cells with formulas, blank cells, and hidden cells.
  • Reset Series: If you are using an Alpha series or Numeric series applied to multiple columns, this option will reset the prefix or suffix to A or 1, respectively, at the top of each column.
  • Trim existing content: Trims any leading or trailing white space from the cell text before applying the prefixes or suffixes.