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Create Validation Dropdown List

Validation lists are used to limit the content of a range to a preset list. The Create Validation Dropdown List tool will build a validation list from existing content, store it in a column, and apply the validation rules to your input range.

Form Fields

  • Select unique items from range: Lets you create the list of items in the validation list dropdown from the content in the range specified.
  • Enter dropdown items: Manually create a list for the validation list dropdown.
  • Store validation list: Indicates where on the worksheet the validation list source will be stored.
  • Hide validation list column: If checked, the column is hidden after creation.
  • Apply validation rules to range: Select the range that the validation list
  • Input Message: If "Show input message" is checked, a screentip will display when the user selects a cell in the validation range. The "Input title" and "Input message" fields determine what appears on the screentip.
  • Error Message: If "Show error message" is checked, an message box will appear if the user attempts to enter a value that is not in the validation list. The "Error title" and "Error message" fields determine what appears in the message box.